EMERGENCY CALL PROCEDURE (Fire/Sheriff/Rescue Squad)

Call “911” immediately. Explain the nature of the emergency and provide any information
requested. When 911 receives an emergency call, they in turn call the Carolina Trace Gate House with the address to which EMS is responding. CT Security then escorts EMS to the address. If by some chance CT Security is out on another EMS escort call, the Fire Department is then dispatched as the escort.


Gate House at Carolina Trace                         919-499-2339      ctgate@southernprotection.com
CTA Hotline (for information)                            919-499-2722
Carolina Trace Fire Department                     919-499-5811
Lee County Sheriff’s Department                   919-775-5531
NC One-Call Center “Call Before You Dig”   1-800-632-4949
Poison Control Center (Charlotte, NC)          1 -800-848-6946



Water & Sewer: Carolina Water Service NC 1-800-525-7990

(This is essentially a centralized answering service for CWSNC. The person who answers will have no idea where Carolina Trace is and can offer no real help to you on the phone, BUT this call does get put into the tracking system for follow-up and referral to emergency staff who will show up to deal with the problem.)

Cable: Spectrum Communications                            1-800-438-2427
Electric: Duke Progress Outages                               1-800-419-6356
Customer Service                                                          1-800-452-2777
Telephone: Windstream Customer Service              1-800-347-1991
Repair                                                                               1-888-292-3827
Verizon Customer Service                                            1-800-922-0204
Television: Direct TV Customer Service                     1-800-DirectTV
DISH Customer Service                                                1-800-333-3474


Clubhouse Main Number                                            919-499-5121
Pro Shop/Tee Times                                                     919-499-5611
Golf Information Line (Course Conditions)              919-897-2680
Golf Maintenance                                                           919-499-5941