Village at the Trace Property Owners Association (VTPOA)
Village at the Trace Property Owners Association is one of 18 POAs within the Carolina Trace community. Each POA has its own Officers, Bylaws, Budget, and Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, Reservations, and Restrictions (CC&Rs). The Bylaws and CC&Rs differ among the POAs.

CTA is an entity that manages and maintains the common areas within Carolina Trace (CT). Those common properties include Traceway which is the main road throughout CT, the Gate House, the lawn and landscaping at the entrance to the community and in the medians of Traceway, the bridges, culverts, the emergency exits and other common areas. CTA also contracts with the security agency at the Gate House. CTA can also represent the community on issues that impact the general welfare and safety of the residents and property owners of the community. CTA is comprised of representatives from each of the 18 POAs and can act only on authority granted by the POAs.

All residents are encouraged to visit the website at where all CTA reports, meeting minutes, Bylaws and other documents can be viewed.